What comes with each delivery?

Your bestbite delivery comes with all food items fully cooked, just reheat and served. In addition, each delivery comes with step-by-step instructions on reheating and Storage.

How long will my food stay fresh for?

Our meals are designed to stay fresh for up to a week following the delivery of your box.
The Meats and Poultry in your delivery are all marked with a 'best before' date on the packaging. You may need to freeze them if you don't plan on consuming 

I have a serious food allergy, should I order from bestbite?

We take great care to ensure that all of our food is prepared safely; however, all of our boxes are assembled in the same processing facility. As a result, we do not recommend you order a Caribefoodhub box if you have a serious food allergy.

What should I do with the bestbite packaging after I receive my order?

Nothing in your Caribefoodhub box needs to end up in the trash!

1. The cardboard box, insulation liner, bags, bottles and baskets are made of recycled materials and are entirely recyclable - just drop them in your recycling bin

2. The solution in the ice packs is a water and salt gel designed to get colder than ice. Pop them in your freezer for future uses, or snip off the ends and pour the all-natural solution in the toilet. You'll be left with the plastic wrapping which you can drop into your recycling bin

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in Quebec, Ontario, for now, we are not available in rest of Canada yet, those other Provinces will served at a future date,  you can also email bestbitecatering@gmail.com and we'll let you know as soon as we launch in your province.

Will my food stay fresh in transit?

Absolutely ! Each box is carefully packaged to stay fresh for up to 24h to 48 hours after your delivery arrives. For best results, put the contents of your box in your refrigerator as soon as you can. Or can be Frozen up to one month in your freezer

What happens if I am not home at the time of delivery?

No problem ! If you aren’t home, our delivery person will leave the package for you at your door (or your lobby depending on your building's rules). Since our food is packaged with insulated liners and ice packs, it will remain cold and fresh for you until you get home later that evening. If your box is lost or stolen, we will offer you a full credit towards a future order.


Is my credit card information secure?

Our payment processing is managed by Pay Pal, one of the largest online payment processors. All credit card information is stored on their encrypted servers, which are compliant with strict security regulations. Stripe manages billions of dollars in online payments annually, and is our partner of choice to ensure the security of your payment information.

Do you have vegetarian or gluten free recipes?

Yes we do! Look for gluten free or vegetarian symbols food items pictographs

Are there ever weather related delays?

Unfortunately when the weather is bad bestbite deliveries can be delayed. In certain rare instances, some deliveries may need to be pushed a day later for the safety of our delivery partners. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.